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What Is Case Management?
Case Management is system, for delivering health care to people who have had catastrophic or high cost medical conditions with cost containment through out the recovery process. The American Nurses Association described it as; ?A system of health care delivery designed to facilitate achievement of expected outcomes within an appropriate length of stay.? Others have identified Case Management as a system in where the needs of a patient are identified.

Who are case managers?
Case managers are healthcare professionals, whose role is to advise the patient and their family about the services required throughout the recovery process. A case manager has training, which helps her/him to identify the needs of a patient with catastrophic injuries, work-related injuries, chronic illnesses, health-related illnesses and psychological illnesses. Through assessments, planning, and coordination, the Case Manager seeks to meet the individual?s unique health care needs with cost effective outcomes.

What do case manager do?
Case managers arrange the many services required for patient autonomy. They visit with the patient and their family outlining the goals and expected outcomes of care. They use a multidisciplinary approach, to identify the members of healthcare team who can provide services to the patient. They ensure continuity of care. A case manager is the patient / physician liaison. A case manager will conduct research, identify therapies, arrange for home health, locate medical devices, and make physician referrals, all in the best interest of the patient. A case manager is the patient?s advocate.

What are the goals of a Case Manager?
The goal of the Case Manager is to enhance the quality life of the patient, while promoting quality and cost-effective health care. A case manager is a valuable resource, which promotes autonomy, achieving positive patient outcomes.

Contributed by Bonnie Rupke RN CLNC, Rupke & Associates LLC, PO Box 615, Hays, KS 67061, Phone/Fax (785) 625-4464.